Miss Austin Scholarship Organization

    Miss Austin, Miss C

Teen Contestants Opening Number Outfit:

Bright, solid colored cocktail dresses

Gold heels and accessories


Opening number will be choreographed to Britt Nicole's-GOLD

Interview-8 Minutes-25%

Fitness in Athletic wear-10%

Black athletic shorts with a minimum of a 3" inseam or 

long workout style pants & sports top (bra or tank top style)

90 Second Talent-30%

Evening Wear & On-Stage Question & Answer-35% combined

Please mail all required paperwork as well as a check for the  $150 entry fee.   You may also pay the Teen Entry Fee  on our website via Paypal.  Mail all paperwork and check to us no later than November 24, 2017. 

Mail to:

Miss Austin Scholarship Organization

Kenny Bramlett-Martin

1300 Arizona Mesa Cove

Round Rock, TX 78664

All required paperwork should be mailed with signatures and notaries as necessary to address above.  You should also email all required paperwork to missaustinorg@gmail.com