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Our History

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Miss Aqua Boom

The Miss Austin Scholarship Pageant has  a very interesting history.  In fact, it hasn't always been called Miss Austin.  The original title was Miss Aqua Boom.  The Aqua Boom Contest was much like the Miss America Contest.  It began as a bathing suit contest to bring people to the Austin lake country during the summer months.  The Miss Aqua Boom Pageant is still going strong to this day.  

She was our first

Jeanne Richey Amacker, Miss Texas 1963,  was the very first Miss Austin to be crowned Miss Texas.  Jeanne graduated from the University of Texas in 1965 with a degree in English.  For her talent, Jeanne sang a medley of songs that included "When you wish upon a star."  Among other things, Jeanne received a $1000 scholarship and a $380 set of China at the Miss Texas pageant.